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ScratchUp - Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board

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Color: White

Keep Your Cat Happy And Entertained!

Looking for a fun activity that your cat can spend all day on? Our amazing ScratchUp will capture your pet cat's attention all day, keeping them happy, healthy, and calm. 

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With its round ribbed body, the ScratchUp offers your pet a relaxing sensation while they scratch away. Plus, it also comes with a colorful ball that your cat will love to chase around.

Key Benefits

Comfortable Environment - the scratching board provides an ideal environment for cats' playing and lying.

Relieve Stress - Designed to satisfy cats' scratching instinct and increase exercise activities which helps cat's claws.

Protect Furniture - With the  fragrant Menthol included helps in arousing cats' interest in scratching the board which reduce their risk of damaging your furniture.

Sturdy materials - Made by manually cutting and pasting to corrugated paper which is eco-friendly & high-density, withstanding aggressive scratching.

ECO-friendly - Made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, non-toxic cornstarch glue.

Easy assembly - Assembling the ScratchUp is extremely simple. Its accordion design enables you to stretch it out until it forms a round freestanding disc.

Package Includes:

1*cat ScratchUp